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Here is my current range of products, all made using mostly locally sourced ingredients.

As I have been harvesting, cooking and freezing large quantities of Sweet Chestnuts I am looking forward to making Wild Garlic & Sweet Chestnut Pesto in the spring. Made this year for my family, I hope to get it on the shelves in 2015.


Elderflower cordial always reminds me of summer, with soda and ice on a hot day or enjoyed with your favourite white wine or spirit gives it a lovely zing. The flowers being ready for picking around May the process of making the cordial begins.

Rosehip cordial
Rosehips are the unsung hero of the hedgerow with 20 times the vitamin c of oranges. they were used during the war when citrus was hard to obtain. Though the process of picking can be painful and the process of making the cordial time consuming it is well worth it for the taste, delicious as a hot evening drink with a squeeze of lemon or even drizzled over ice cream.

Sloe cordial
People always think of sloe gin but this cordial is lovely as a hot or cold drink or even mixed with tonic/soda and gin etc.

Blackberry cordial
Using the many blackberries I gathered in the autumn I decided to make a cordial. A refreshing cold drink or a lovely warming hot drink high in vitamin C.

Ginger cordial
Though not gathered but on popular request, this ginger cordial is a lovely zingy drink, mixed with cold water for a ginger ale, with lemonade or enjoyed hot, the health benefits are endless.

Nettle cordial
With nettles everywhere, I use just the young spring tips to make this refreshing cordial, full of iron, calcium , potassium, fibre and vitamin b. It is very good for your joints, helping arthritis and is said to help with hay fever...


With numerous mixed plum trees in the garden it's easy to harvest and make delicious jams each year, quantity depending a bit on how generous the trees are feeling that particular year.

Blackberry jam
blackberrys have always been my favourite whether in jams or crumble. These being abundant in the past years so on my many walks I pick away

Sauces & Chutneys

Apple sauce
Again with numerous mixed type apples trees in the garden I pick and peel to make apple sauce and crumbles.

Tomato chutney 
Tomatoes from my garden and local produce are all the ingredients needed to make this delicious chutney.

Apple chutney 
With the huge quantity of apple this year, I decided to make a chutney. Delicious with meat such as pork instead of apple sauce and also lovely with cheese.

Green tomato chutney 
Unfortunately due to the summer my tomato crop has not done so well, but this green tomato chutney is just as delicious with cheese. I hope for some to ripen in time.

wild garlic and sweet chestnut pesto

As promised with the first sign of spring I've started on the wild garlic pesto, along with the chestnuts gathered and pureed in the autumn. This pesto is definately only for true garlic lovers. Delicious stirred into to pasta or mash.


My partner is a great fan of wholegrain mustard so I started making my own, bulk buying mustard seeds and playing with recipes to make an ale, cider and honey mustard.


Apple and rosehip jelly
Using apples from the garden and hips from the hedgerows this tasty jelly goes well with cheese or just on toast.

Hawthorn jelly
Making the most of all abundant fruit, hawthorn berries make a lovely jelly, ideal with meats.

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